#18 The Pulse of the Heart Single CD

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The Pulse of the Heart CD, is one of fifteen conferences given by Fr. Santan Pinto, S.O.L.T at the nine day Prayer in Your Life retreat in Honey Grove, TX October 2002. Fr. Pinto teaches that God speaks the language of the heart. God speaks in love. That is how God communicates. When we are united with Him, we can understand His pulse, our own will resemble it.  The desire for union with God is the desire for our heartbeat to beat in sync with His.  Those who are united to God, resemble His ways. Are you expansive? Are you overflowing? Is there abundance in you? Does mercy overflow in you or is it just a trickle?

Father’s words, ““What happens in our heart is we separate ourselves from God . We don’t think with our heart. That our heart is one with Him. That my heartbeat beats as the same as His. If I beat with Him I’m in sync with Him. You know, we both of us are together, and then I can understand that this prayer begins to rise from within my soul.”